wholeheartedly supports and encourages you to realize your full potential. It helps you achieve your best and is committed to ensure that you succeed professionally. At you will find opportunities and challenges that test your knowledge and prowess in an environment which not only recognizes and appreciates but also rewards good performance. Your contribution is measured by the results you achieve rather than by the number of hours that you spend in the office.


believes that people perform better when they are able to strike a balance between their professional life and personal life. It is not easy to meet the demands of a challenging career while at the same time trying to accomplish your personal goals, without having to sacrifice either one of the two. helps you achieve this delicate balance by providing a flexible work environment which will ensure that you succeed both in your professional as well as personal life. incessantly and conscientiously strives to enhance the flexibility in its routine functioning.


Team Leaders:



CS Tracy Caesar -  Consultant
CS Nikhil George Pinto -  Consultant
CS Thankam John  -  Consultant
CS Syam Mohan K -  Consultant
CS Madhurima Jain -  Consultant - (SVJS, Bangalore)
CS Soumya Thomas -  Consultant - (SVJS, Bangalore)
CMA Jyothi Mary Jacob -  Senior Consultant - Finance & Accounts
Ms. Nisha Roy    -  Administrator
Ms. Sheeba Anoob  -  Consultant



For students, there is no better place than to begin learning the ropes of Company Secretary profession. gives you the right experiences, learning and coaching that will help you become an effective professional. You are taught to take responsibility for all your actions right from the very beginning. conducts training and development programmes which aid in improving your knowledge and technical skills. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with talented and experienced professionals, which will improve your professional competence and confidence. Your training with will stand you in good stead in the future as a corporate professional.

SVJS is having its own training manual for CS students, designed in line with ICSI guidelines, ISO procedures and internal policies.  This would enable the student to get transformed effectively.

Prospective Company Secretaries, presently under training:  

(01) Ms. Aparna Damani (SVJS,Chennai)

(02) Ms. Anitta Varghese (SVJS, Chennai)

(03) Mr. Abhijith

(04) Ms. Chency Cherian

(05) Mr. Kuriappu Mathachan Mangaly

(06) Ms. Ranjumol Raj


Apply for training

Send your Resume to svjsassociates@gmail.com / info@svjs.in