Consultants / Staff

SVJS boasts of a second line of control comprising of qualified professionals who took their fledgling steps in the profession within SVJS. They have since bloomed into competent and confident professionals today, who lead the other secretarial staff and trainees of the firm with great skill and finesse. They deal with the assignments entrusted to them with unparalleled expertise. Their interactions with clients are mature and poised, instilling immediate confidence in their knowledge and skill.

Below the qualified professionals we have a line of experienced secretarial staff. Some of our secretarial staff have more than a decade of experience in handling secretarial assignments. They are invaluable and their contribution to the firm have been immense over the years.

  • Nisha Roy  – Administrator
  • CS Tracy Caesar – Company Secretary
  • CS Nikhil George Pinto – Company Secretary
  • CS Thankam John – Company Secretary
  • CS Syam Mohan K. – Company Secretary
  • CS Meril Abraham – Company Secretary
  • CS Bindu Bijoy – Company Secretary
  • CS Soumya Thomas – Company Secretary
  • CS Shaila Chotia – Company Secretary
  • CS Bhavani G. – Company Secretary
  • CS Radhika Agarwal – Company Secretary
  • CS Swathy Krishna K.N.
  • Arun Sasi – Senior Consultant HRM
  • CMA Jyothi Mary Jacob – Cost Accountant
  • CMA Nissy Johny-Cost Accountant
  • Sheeba Anoob
  • Sayyid Bahaudheen
  • Jancy Xavier
  • Vinisha Jayashanker
  • Amitha Sachit
  • Anand Sharma 
  • Bibin Paul
  • Abhijith S.
  • Neethu Francis
  • Hari Krishnan K.P.
  • Anoosha N.A.
  • Kannan R.
  • Vandana Preman
  • Keerthi Ramesh
  • Sindhu Sreekumar
  • Sinu Reju
  • Akhila Sivadas
  • Gayathri V.
  • Reshma V.M.
  • T.R. Mohammed Sahood
  • Baby Alphonse
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