Secretarial & Legal

Services under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules thereunder, Listing Agreement, SEBI Regulations, and other allied statutes.

  1. Registration of all types of Companies
  2. Regular legal, Secretarial and  procedural compliance
  3. Secretarial Audit  
  4. CSR Compliance
  5. Due Diligence 
  6. Corporate restructuring including amalgamations, mergers, demergers, acquisitions and other restructuring arrangements
  7. Corporate Governance Reports
  8. Assistance in the conduct of meetings, polls, postal ballot, e-voting etc.
  9. Assistance in preparing Board Report and all related documents
  10. Preparation, certification and filing of various forms and returns
  11. Appearances before NCLT and other authorities
  1. Reporting, compliance and certification under the listing agreement / SEBI regulations
  2. Liaison and co-ordination with market regulators and intermediaries
  3. Conducting stock broker audit
  4. Delisting of Securities
  5. MSME listing
  6. Procedural matters in relation to IPO and Listing of shares
  7. Demat of Securities
  1. Managing Foreign Direct Investments and External Commercial Borrowings
  2. Reporting and certification under Foreign Exchange (Management) Act (FEMA) and the Rules and regulations thereof ,including Annual Returns.
  3. Obtaining approvals from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and Reserve Bank of India.
  4. Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements and Foreign Collaboration Agreements and Agreements for technology transfer
  1. Providing expert opinions
  2. Drafting / vetting agreements such as shareholders /promoters’ agreement, share purchase agreement, take over agreements, MoUs, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality agreements etc
  3. Drafting / vetting of various policies
  4. Appearances before National Company Law Tribunal, Regional Director, Registrar of Companies, Development Commissioner of Special Economic Zones and other Authorities

Support services to Insolvency Professionals on matters under IBC that includes claim processing, facilitating meetings, voting etc.

  1. Developing funding strategies
  2. Managing discussions / presentations / negotiations
  3. Designing term sheets, financial projections / project reports etc.
  1. Designing CSR Policy
  2. Supporting CSR Project governance
  3. Impact assessments / evaluations
  4. Reporting of CSR implementation agencies
  1. Registration of LLP
  2. Drafting / amending of LLP agreements
  3. Conversion of LLP to Company
  4. Developing governance tool for LLP
  1. Registration of Trade Marks
  2. Registration of Copy Rights
  3. Drafting IPR Assignment Agreements and other agreements
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